Harris MacLeod


Harris specializes in strategic communications and public diplomacy. He has been advising Gulf region government entities on communications, strategy and policy since 2020. Before that, he led an international unit in the UK Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Office, working directly with UK allies on initiatives focusing on nation branding, economic development, and Euro-Atlantic integration.

Harris worked for the UK Government from 2016-2020. He delivered national campaigns around voter engagement, and in 2016/17 worked in Kyiv as a seconded strategic communications advisor to the Ukrainian Prime Minister where he led the creation of Ukraine’s national brand campaign. He supported NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division to improve its strategic communications, including developing the WeAreNATO campaign. From 2018 to 2020, Harris served as Deputy Director for International Trade & Prosperity Projects, supporting UK allies – including India, the Philippines, Montenegro, and North Macedonia – to attract investment and promote sustainable economic development.

Harris started his career as a political journalist at Canada’s parliament. He moved to the UK in 2010 and worked for a leading international public opinion and market research company. As a political consultant, he has advised a major US presidential campaign, US national senate races, and delivered a project around the Nigerian presidential election.