GTG helps organizations achieve global recognition and influence.

We advise institutions, companies, and governments operating in rapidly changing economic and geopolitical environments. Our clients have exceptional ambitions, limited time, and complex challenges that we help them to solve.


GTG is a communications and strategy consultancy headquartered in Riyadh.

We integrate communications, policy, and economics to produce strategies, advice, and content that deliver on our clients’ objectives. GTG’s team of international specialists provide sound, informed, and actionable advice that guides clients’ communications and wider strategic decisions. We help our clients to influence the right stakeholders to achieve their goals.

GTG was founded in 2018 to support the leading entities in Saudi Arabia’s social and economic transformation, by combining global expertise with local talent.

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GTG has a diverse team of consultants from around the world, who are intelligent, curious, expert at what they do, and passionate about working with organizations that are catalyzing change.

Our goal is to provide solutions and advice that our clients can’t find anywhere else. We build long-term relationships, and act as trusted advisors and team members by ensuring every client is provided a consistent level of excellence.

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Andrianna Dafnis Managing Partner

Marco Binenti Partner

Harris MacLeod Senior Director

Hind Abdulla​ Senior Director​

Jack McGee Director

Adam Cohen Director

Jonathan Hilliam Director

Arianna Khan Director

Akin Aytekin Director

Roman St. Clair Director

Andrew Peters Director

Hala Al Aifan Senior Consultant

Farah Al Omair Senior Consultant

Suad Al Bibi Senior Consultant

Salim Abduljawad Senior Consultant

Dimitris Mouchlidis Senior Consultant

Bernardo Bruzzone Senior Consultant

Lukas Bester Senior Consultant

Alexander Mears Senior Consultant

Khaled Khayat Senior Consultant

Evan Pheiffer Senior Consultant

Natalie Greve Senior Consultant

Danah Alhumaid Consultant

Yaser Alsalah​ Consultant​

Eman Mohammed Consultant

Ahmed Albendary Consultant

Ahad Mustafa Consultant

Emma Johansson Consultant

Declan Naicker Junior Consultant

Robyn Forbay​ Junior Consultant​

Fatimah Al Ali Senior Designer

Huda Al Ashi Senior Designer

Abdulrahman Anwar Shahadah Financial Director

Shahzad Amir Accounting Supervisor

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Strategy & Advisory

  • Strategic advisory
  • Policy research and development
  • Trade and investment briefing
  • Economic and sector consulting
  • Public affairs
  • Government relations


  • Communication strategy
  • Campaign planning and execution
  • Public relations and media
  • Leadership positioning
  • Internal communication
  • Crisis communication
  • Media training


  • Digital and social media strategy
  • Web development
  • Social media management
  • Community management
  • Paid performance marketing
  • SEO
  • UI/UX design
  • Data & analytics


  • Thought leadership content
  • White papers
  • Annual reports
  • Quarterly reports
  • Video content
  • Podcasts


  • Creative strategy
  • Creative campaign and content
  • Brand identity design
  • Brand applications
  • Brand launch

Capability Building

  • GTG Comms Diagnostic
  • Department structure
  • Policies and processes
  • Training and development


  • Concept and theme development
  • Program and agenda
  • Speaker and moderator engagement
  • Session content
  • Management and logistics
  • Venue branding and visuals



We are growing fast, and we’re looking for people with the passion and ambition to grow with us.

Visit our profile for open positions.

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Our rigorous recruitment process targets professional excellence, and we have high expectations. In return, we offer an opportunity to build an exciting career through learning and development opportunities and clear paths to promotion.

GTG has a young and innovative company culture, where team members are empowered to develop new service lines, seek out new business, and constantly change the way we do things.

We value our team’s wellbeing and ensure a respectful and supportive working environment. We have a genuinely open culture, and GTG’s founders work side-by-side with everyone in the company.

We value diversity of backgrounds, personalities, and skillsets. We lean into difference and leverage it to ensure we are always challenging ourselves to be better.

We want our team members to stay with us for the long-term, and for them to feel like this is a place where they can develop themselves and build their careers.


If you would like to learn more about Global Think Group, then please reach out to us.

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We're growing fast, and we're looking for people with the passion and ambition to grow with us.

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